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We are sustainably sustainable… bro

At Kombucha Bros we love our environment, it is the best playground anyone could have built, so we see it is our duty to take care of it. And with this, we have a variety of strategies embeded in our business model to support showcasing just how much we mean it when we say, we care.

We use unique packaging that isn’t commonly used in the kombucha market, cans. An old school memory that is rarely used in the marketplace today, but luckly for us, it is not forgotten and a big part of our future packaging strategies.

In New Zealand cans can be recycled in every region. Currently, you can’t actually say that about glass. It takes a lot less energy to melt down the cans to recycle, they weigh a lot less than glass and they reduce light strike and keep our kombucha fresher, decreasing your carbon footprint and consumer waste. Lastly, they cost less, giving you more value for your money and also more value for our environment - bring back the can!

We also sell our products in kegs, the kegs we use are reusable, easy to ship and lightweight. It takes a lot less energy to fill a keg and the product remains fresher for longer.

Local sourcing of our production line is also an important strategy to our business model, we source all of our ingrediants locally, including our 1.25L PET riggers who we source from a local Nelson manufacturer. We can recycle these locally straight back into the plant that makes them and for those of you purchasing outside of the Nelson region, they are infinitely reusable. The three ‘R’s’, reduce, re-use and recycle are continuiously at work in our value chain.

Since China and Australia have stopped excepting our glass recycling, we new we needed to step up to make a change. The first stop was beer and wine bottles as these are coloured glass. Our biggest glass recycler tends to only recycle clear food packaging glass, so unfortunately, most of this glass ends up chipped up and back and our landfills. Or in the past, it would’ve been chipped up and sent back to China or Australia which is a massive tax on our carbon footprint. This is why we are making the move exclusively to cans, kegs and riggers.

We don’t want to see our environment waste away because simple and easy sustainable practices aren’t being considered, so rest assured we are continuiously investing in research and deveopment to stay on top of our sustainable practices and we welcome your ideas… Also, feel free to reuse those 1.25 L riggers for your own kombucha, home brew, drink bottles or even as a bird feeder!! Reduce, Re-use and then, recycle. ♻️ Good on ya Bro!